Denon introduces new flagship mixer DN-X1700

The DN-X1700 is a four-channel tabletop mixer with rubberised knobs, 60mm Alps K Series channel faders, 45mm FLEX cross fader, a color LCD display, extended 24-point LED channel and output metering, and LED ring metering around the control knobs.

In operation, the principal features related to the power and flexibility of the DN-X1700 are its Matrix Input Assignment with digital input and MIDI/USB audio, independent and parametric three-band EQ with Kill on each channel, and dual independent EFX processors.

The two EFX processors are located together, with the 3.5-inch TFT colour LCD positioned directly above, for ease of operation. One or other, or both EFX are selectable per channel, and combined EFX operation is available.

Each mixer channel has a discrete MIDI layer, enabling external control of various PC and Mac Audio/Video DJ software applications, with the LED ring indicators switching colour to indicate MIDI operation. USB audio I/O extends to eight mono/four stereo in/out, making the mixer an extremely high-quality USB audio interface. Individual user settings – including for audio, system and MIDI settings – can be exported and imported in file format, saved to a USB memory device, HDD, laptop and so on.

The 32-bit floating point DSP engine at the heart of the DN-X1700 delivers a level of processing power that provides performance in terms of signal processing quality and control. To match this processing power Denon has equipped the DN-X1700 with 32-bit digital analog conversion at the audio output stage.

Denon claims the 32-bit DA conversion provides additional headroom in the conversion process providing an analog output signal with greater resolution and frequency response.

Vinyl quality is given special attention with a high grade phono FET equalizer circuit derived from the Pure Amp circuitry of the Denon PMA SA1 audiophile stereo amplifier; this features an 88 dB signal-to-noise ratio and performance specification to complement the output of the best cartridges.

Digital audio inputs and USB ports enable direct digital connection of CD decks, laptops, MP3 players and the like – avoiding degradation of input signals by analogue connections and soundcards of varying quality, and multiple digital analogue and analogue digital conversions. Meanwhile the ASIO driver ensures low latency from PC soundcards. The attention to sound quality extends to a high-quality, low noise discrete microphone pre-amp and high power discrete headphone amplifier.

» Balanced XLR and phono analogue outs
» 2 x USB 2.0 ports
» 5-pin MIDI output
» 4 x digital ins/1 x digital out (44.1/48/96 kHz)
» EFX send and return
» Balanced ¼ inch jack booth outs
» Balanced XLR and ¼ inch jack mic inputs
» Stereo phono recording outs
» 4 x (3.5 mm) Fader Starts

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