Reloop shows the RMP-3 cd player

Across the media formats’ jungle: The Reloop RMP-3 is Reloop’s first true crossmedia player. Whether CD, MP3, memory stick or hard disk drive – it does not matter where the sound is coming from or how it is coded, the RMP-3 submits it to the DJ’s control.

As the new premium player is not only multi but crossmedial it is not only possible to mix, scratch and juggle music, but also to control any software.

Thanks to the Reloop RMP-3’s full MIDI compatibility all of the 48 control elements can be applied as MIDI control device. This way the RMP series’ flagship becomes the perfect controller for mixing software. As via the shift button all controls can be double assigned with MIDI commands it even becomes possible to control two virtual decks with only one RMP-3. The assignments can be saved as MIDI presets for various applications.

Whatever the RMP-3 controls – due to the large touch-sensitive jog wheels the control feeling always remains oustandingly vinyl-like. Its new ultra pitch with a resolution of up to 0.05% facilitates pitch adjustments with the highest precision. Via the auto loop function the fastest mixing tricks can be looped-in in no time and with seven different bar lengths. Furthermore the new bearing of the device’s feet lets the RMP-3 always keep its balance.

As a combination of CD/MP3 player, USB mass-storage media player and MIDI software controller the Reloop RMP-3 is up to all requirements of the DJ business. The SUV among media players.

– All control elements are MIDI compatible (double assignment)
– MIDI preset memory
– USB 2.0 port for the connection of hard disks, USB sticks, etc.
– Auto loop function with 7 selectable bar lengths
– Seamless loop function / reloop function
– DSP effect unit (Filter, Skid, Echo, Flanger, Trans, Phase, Pan, Break plus Hold) with ratio and time parameters
– Automatic and manual beat counter
– Effect link with BPM counter
– Effect modulation via jog wheel
– Touch-sensitive, two-part jog wheel
– High-end scratch simulator with return-to-cue function
– 4 independent 5 sec. sample banks (pitchable)
– 4 independent cue point banks
– ID3 TAG support and CD text
– Track and folder search
– Especially bright DotMatrix VFD display for all functions
– Especially long pitch fader (can be switched off)
– Ultra pitch +/- 0.05 – +/- 100% (with pitch lock and master tempo)
– Pitch bend up to +/- 100%
– Auto cue
– Frame search
– Instant start via 1 bit technology (8 fold)
– Playing address
– 10 sec. anti-shock memory
– Elapsed/remain time display
– Sleep function
– Slot in loading mechanism with illuminated display
– New, shock absorbing feet bearing
– Instant playback from cue point
– Relay play
– Fader start play
– Digital output
– Headphones output
– D/A converter: 8 fold/1 bit
– Dimensions: 320 x 110.5 x 340 mm
– Weight: 4.0 kg

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