Richie Hawtin on club tour with Twitter enabled Traktor pro setup

Pioneering DJ and producer Richie Hawtin has just started a new tour with a Twitter enabled Traktor setup, which will display the tracklists of his sets online in real-time as he plays them in the club.

This innovative setup is based on a custom Twitter application developed by Richie Hawtin’s label Minus, which uploads the song metadata fed to it through the Internet broadcasting function of the Traktor pro software. Track details will automatically be posted to Richie Hawtin’s Twitter channel every 30 seconds, allowing everyone to follow the tracklist of his performance, and providing exposure to the artists and labels whose music is being played.

The technological collaboration with Minus has inspired several improvements to the broadcasting features of TRAKTOR PRO, which will be made available through the upcoming free version 1.2 software update. Minus is also planning to release its Twitter application to the public in the near future, which will allow all TRAKTOR users to take advantage of the Twitter live broadcasting feature.

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