Zplane introduces elastique Pro pitch shifting

zplane development, a leading research based company in audio announces a new commercial product, the elastique Plug-In for Real Time Pitch Shifting.

With a plug-in interface designed to allow quick and intuitive interaction with all parameters, elastique is designed to be the optimal plug-in for pitch correction in film and video conversion applications, for sound design and for adjusting pitch in recording and rehearsal sessions.

“Our elastique pitch shifting engine is already used by millions of users around the globe as it is integrated in various host applications. By releasing this plug-in, we ensure that the well-known quality of our engine is now accessible by many more professionals”, said Alexander Lerch, CEO of zplane.

The key features of elastique are:
• Multi channel: support for synchronous pitching of up to 8 audio channels
• Real time: no offline pre-analysis required
• Program independence: high pitch shifting quality for all audio types (speech, single-voiced, classical/popular music, etc.)
• Phase coherence: absolute phase stability between all channels
• MIDI input: for pitch control
• Formant shifting: shift formants independent from pitch
• Factory presets: for typical film pull-ups/pull-downs

The elastique pitch plug-in is available for RTAS (Mac OS X, Windows) at an MSRP of $499/€449.

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