It is rumour time again – Propellerheads DAW Software?

Propellerheads is supposed to release a complete new DAW software. Listening to their large customer base, one of the most heart comments was that Reason is not able to record regular audio like any other DAW can.

The guys from Sweden are having a worldwide series of producers conferences. And the rumour is that they will announce this new DAW Software at these gatherings. An interesting fact is that these Producers Conferences will be held at the exact same date (and time). So everyone will get the ‘scoop’ at the same time?

According to the FutureMusic blog: “This will not be an update to Reason, which will retain its own product category, but will be a new standalone product that will have full-on audio recording capabilities.”

Well, we just have to wait till next week to get the full details….





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