Jomox SunSyn OS 2.0 update available

Finally, the SunSyn has got the final update. The SunSyn has to be sent to Jomox in order to perform the V 2.0 Update. The update includes all modifications, the firmware, recalibration and testing.

What’s new?

  1. The Sunsyn 2.0 contains a firmware based boot-BIOS, which is executing under any circumstances. Most problems with SunSyns in the past came up by wrong OS midi sysex dumpings which, in some cases, led to non-booting and dead devices. This is not possible any more.
  2. The card slot has no function any more.


  1. Own waves or short samples can be transferred to the SunSyn by sysex midi dump.
  2. We provide an editor (PC/MAC) that can convert any WAV or AIFF files on the computer and transfer them to the SunSyn. Each RCO bank can be transferred separately.
  3. The RCO loops now always restart syncronous to a note trigger.
  4. You can define a start point and a loop length, to which the RCO jumps back after reaching the end of the bank. Thus you are able to play back short samples of about 1.5 sec length if both old binary loop parameters (Course and Fine Loop) are set to 16.
  5. RCO 1 can FM modulate RCO 2 now. However, the processing power of the old DSP is limited so that only one way is possible at an acceptable aliasing and tuning range.
  6. As the old RCO algorithm, the aliasing can’t be interpolated for the processing power is just too small. Also the VCO sync feature or RCO modulation by VCOs has been cancelled after endless testings because noise and performance were not acceptable.
  7. The background noise of the RCOs is much improved by a hardware modification in order to let samples being played back much more clean.
    More importantly, that improves the whole noise situation of the SunSyn in general.


  1. The tuning algorithm has been reworked, The VCOs are tuned much cleaner now.
  2. The envelopes have got an automatic tuning algorithm, too. The tricky manual envelope tuning is history now.
  3. The Pitch Bend Range now is adjustable in semitones across +/- one octave. Also the over- and underrange pitch playing when the VCOs are crossing the borders of the 6 octave keyboard CV range is well performed now.
  4. Glide has been completely reworked. Now it works logarithmic as known from old analog synthesizers and has a much more musical knob range.


  1. The voice card allocation in multimode is cyclic now in order to let releasing voices decay properly even though another voice is triggered.
  2. Latency of notes has been much improved and the pipelining has been completely new structured so that hanging and missing notes should be history now.
  3. The multimode bugs like wrong output switching, wrong release, routing assignment interdependence, attack and RCO switching have been fixed. However, still there are some limitations for multimode as there are some parameters global and may affect other voices during context switching. These are: Glide, RCO Bank, RCO FM, RCO Start Point and Loop Length. If one of these parameters are different on two multis, changing of sound may occur between sounding voices.
  4. The clicks occuring on output switching have been minimized. However, it will not be possible to make it better as it IS now.


  1. The morphing includes now pole switching. That means, there is a continouus morphing between low and hi pass.

Jomox have added an article in their webshop in order to preorder and pay a SunSyn OS 2.0 Update.


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