Health Club Music’s new ultra-mega sequencer

32-STEP SEQUENCER is a monster from another world. It has switches and jacks and lots of knobs, bringing you modular plus hardwired options.


The features roll:
– 1 Voltage Controlled Oscillator/Clock (VCO) scaled 1v/Octave
– Main Speed Knob
– Fine Speed Knob
– 32 Course Tune Knobs
– 32 Fine Tune Knobs
– 32 Step Length Knobs (can be switched off and used as another CV out with CV 3 OUT jack)
– 32 Switches with 3-positions (Pulse/Off/Gate)
– Blue-Violet LEDs
– 1 Quantizer
– Random Mode
– 32×1 or 16×2 Modes
– Count Up and Count Down Modes
– Stop, Reset, or Reverse at any step
– Speed input jack can be used with a CV signal or expression pedal
– Transpose input jack can be used with a CV signal or expression pedal
– Hold Switches for CV 1 and 2 outputs (Holds the CV out until there is another Step switched on)
– Portamento glide for the CV 1 and 2 outputs
– Durable Metal Construction
– Fancy Hardwood Sides

The Quantizer tunes the CV OUT to the nearest half note, whole note, or every fourth note. In 16×2 Mode, You can have 2 16-Step sequences with its own CV and Gate Outputs. A Flip-Out Switch lets you switch between the first row of 16 and the 2nd row of 16 to the CV and Gate Outs.

You will enjoy a complex waveform as you start to quiver and shake up the nervous with your beats and melodies. The 32-step Sequencer is a special piece of analog technology that will make you want to PLAY.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. These are currently handmade per order.
The price for this beautiful 32-STEP SEQUENCER is $1600 + Shipping.

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