New firmware for the Denon DN-S3700 released

New S3700 firmware has been released (v.1300) from JP that improves minor bugs reported. Most important of these is the cue slippage problem caused b vibration to the unit. This version will be installed in this month’s factory production.

The DN-S3700 Direct Drive Turntable Media Player & Controller is a cutting-edge single-deck portable DJ instrument that provides working DJs with a host of useful features for enhanced creative flexibility. Most notably, thanks to its large 9” spinning platter design, the DN-S3700 literally offers the “best of both worlds” from both digital and analog realms. In addition to a host of advanced digital features, including USB and MIDI control, the sleek and elegant unit includes a built-in authentic vinyl record for surface control driven by Denon DJ’s High Torque Direct Drive Motor, providing users with the classic and unmistakable feel of true vinyl.

  • High Torque Direct Drive Motor and Spinning Platter Design
  • Fast Loading Slot-in Drive
  • USB Device Hosting and Midi Interface Control
  • Internal 24-bit Processing and USB Audio (sound card)
  • 5 Superb Built-in Effects
  • Waveform Display with Multi-line Text and Icon Support
  • 3 Hot Starts, Auto Loop and Manual Loop Functionality
  • 3 Platter Effects
  • Deep Pitch Resolution & Key Adjust

Its now live on the US website for users to download:




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