New Korg products: microSAMPLER, SV1 and Wavedrum WDX

Today in Tokyo several new KORG products were introduced at the G-Roks studios. First one is a new Korg keyboard called the microSAMPLERX. According to the Japanese text it is intended for live performance, but a pc editor software is included as well. The SV-1 is a 60’s retro-design stage piano. The SV-1 has real weighted hammer action and every sound is top-notch. This stage piano will be available in 73 and 88 keys versions. The Wavedrum WD-X is a re-issue of the original Wavedrum from 1994. The new Wavedrum will have 24bit/48kHz high-quality DSP technology. All the info we have for you is a rough translation from the original Japanese text (thanks to Google). So if the info isn’t totally clear, … sorry. We expect that Korg will introduce these products to rest of the world pretty soon, and give out much more details (in English).

Korg microSAMPLER:

Korg SV1 Digital piano?

Wavedrum WDX

Some prices:

Wavedrum: €450/$650 shipping October
Korg SV-1: €1500/$2150 shipping October
MicroSAMPLER: “May be the same price level as the current Micro series” shipping September

Stay tuned for more info!

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