Tango Software version 2.3.5. released

The version 2.3.5 release of Tango software, released generally last week, has more than 400 new features and fixes across all of the workstations we support.

Responding to requests and suggestions from our users there are tweeks and adjustments everywhere, including MonARC zoom and scroll saving from Ric, screen saver deferral from Ron, recall MonARC view from Tony, read engine volume from Bernhard, and so the list goes on. Thanks everyone.
In addition to the tweeks the release contains:
  • The first stage of our release on Final Cut Pro
  • A major consolidation of the Pro Tools implementation
  • Pro Tools implementation in both Smart Consoles and Ramses
  • Zoom touchscreen features for EQ and Surround Panning on Logic, Nuendo/Cubase, and Pyramix. 




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