KongAudio ChineeGuqin released

Kong Audio is very happy to bring you the 13th addition to their Chinee Series line of VSTi plugins: ChineeGuqin. GuQin is probably the most “culturally significant” among classical Chinese instruments, for it has been the symbolic vessal of the ancient intellectuals and nobles’ pursuit of harmony since a thousand years ago.

Kong Audio is not the first one to sample GuQin, that’s for sure. But they do believe to have far outdone any previous attempt made by the Western companies. It’s actually unfair to compare with them, since it’s extremely difficult for the foreigners to dip into a totally different culture to begin with.

Two things for guaging your interests: Firstly, they have developed their Intelligent Legato for the purpose to recreate the playing style of GuQin, which greately enhanced its live playability. This is something that distinguishes our ChineeGuQin from other similar stuff on the market. The interwoven flexibility of Intelligent Legato and the deep planning of sampling, plus the cleverly designed patch arrangement, make ChineeGuQin the most playable plugin we have made so far. This is NOT A MARKETING GIMMICK. Kong Audio mean it. The 2nd place now goes to ChineeGuanZi which has very unique innovative patch desgin which is overlooked by the reviewers, sadly.)

Secondly, they sampled the “silence” (string-sliding), which is essential to GuQin music. You can hear the “silence” in action in the later half of our audio demo.

For more info: http://www.chineekong.com/chineeguqin.htm





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