Introducing Sinn7 Status 24|96 Deluxe desktop audio & monitoring station

A dream come true for every DAW user: With the Status 24|96 Sinn7 was able to create a combination of hi-end recording interface and monitor switch controller. High-resolution audio converters offer the finest sound with 24 bit / 96 kHz quality.

The ASIO/CORE compatible 4×4 interface shelters 2 XLR/jack combination mic-inputs with shiftable phantom power and an additional stereo aux-input with phono/line switch. If it is required to compare reference monitors it is possible to connect and individually access up to three pairs with this interface. And with the especially large master volume controller the volume always remains handily adjustable. Further convenient features are the two headphones connections with separate volume controllers. This way it is possible for a singer and producer for example, to individually and independently monitor their session. Thanks to the zero latency switching, the mixing proportion of a DAW software and the direct inputs can be individually adjusted. In order to always keep all signal inputs and outputs under control glistening blue-white LED chains have been embedded in a fancy acrylic cover plate. The sturdy metal housing comes in a noble, matt-black finish and will be definitely an eye- and ear-catcher in every studio: Status of the art!

Key features:
– Deluxe desktop audio and monitoring station
– Combination of professional studio audio-interface and monitor-switch controller
– 4×4 In/Out studio audio-interface with high-quality 24 bit/96 kHz signal processing
– 2x XLR/6.3 mm jack microphone-combination connection with shiftable phantom power
– 1x stereo RCA input with GND grounding screw and phono/line switch
– Digital In/Out
– Flexible outputs: monitor speakers can be connected via XLR, jacks, and RCA
– Up to 3 pairs of monitor speakers can be connected to the interface and switched
– Especially large master volume controller with monitor select and mute switch
– Separate volume controllers for monitor pairs A & B
– 2 headphones connections with separate volume controllers
– Monitor-mix function: Inputs can be monitored directly without latency; software playback can be monitored or both signals can be individually mixed
– Monitor-source function: Master pairs A, B or individually mixed, can be monitored
– Separate glistening blue-white LEDs for all inputs and outputs for direct, visual monitoring
– Hi-speed via USB 2.0 with low latency ASIO/CORE audio drivers
– Firm metal housing in a matt-black finish and embedded acrylic cover plate






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