Nord releases the Chamberlin sounds in the Nord Sample Library

In an exclusive license agreement, Nord now offers a collection of the original Chamberlin tape library in the Nord Sample Library format. These 60 sounds compliment the previously licensed Mellotron sounds very nicely, and are available free of charge for all the Nord Wave and Nord Electro 3 users.


The Chamberlin tape sample player was a fantastic invention, providing options and sounds that were unique, to the keyboard player. The Chamberlin also inspired to the later, and perhaps more well known Mellotron.

The analog Chamberlin master tapes have been transferred to the digital domain using state-of the art recording equipment, in a 44.1 kHz, 24-bits resolution. All the sounds have been edited and carefully looped – when applicable – using the Nord Sample Editor. Unlooped versions will also be released shortly.

The Nord Sample Library is compatible with a selection of Nord units – the Nord Electro 3 and the Nord Wave – and is constantly updated with new additions.





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