Samples of classic Nord units added to Nord Sample Library

The Nord Classics is a massive addition to the Nord Sample Library. The addition contains more than 370 samples with classic Nord sounds, from the original Nord Lead 2X, Nord Lead 3 and Nord Modular G2X. All the samples in the library are available for free to Nord users.

The addition to the big Nord Sample Library is a perfect fit for the Electro 3 user who wants classic synthesizer sounds to go along with the already much appreciated organ and piano sounds. Or why not se them in the Nord Wave as the foundation for new, great synthesizer sounds.


The original Nord Lead and Nord Lead 2 are among the most popular synthesizers ever built. Debuting in 1995, the first Nord Lead virtual analog synthesizer took the music world by storm. The NL2X is very much capable of crisp or really nasty ”analog-digital” sounds that widely exceeds the limits of similar products. Add some awesome leads, booming basses, frantic techno and you got yourself a selection samples that may bring you to want to get the real thing.

The Nord Lead 3 is much appreciated for its extremely flexible sound engine, featuring a combination of traditional shapeable waveforms and a very intuitive 2 or 4 operator FM engine. All this would be routed through the high quality multi filter for further shaping. These samples are just as exciting as the original unit.

The G2 concept is based on a standalone hardware keyboard with freely configurable sound synthesis architecture and a software user interface. The sound engine in a G2 synthesizer runs on a group of digital signal processors, together with high resolution AD and DA converters. The nsmp samples scratches on the surface of what this magnificent beast can do.

The Nord Sample Library is compatible with a selection of Nord units – the Nord Electro 3 and the Nord Wave – and is constantly updated with new additions.

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