SPL expands RackPack series with RackPack 4 and De-Esser Module

Having an SPL modular rack system had never been so feasible: In addition to the much-praised, 19-inch eight-module frame available already, the German manufacturer introduces now a brand new four-module rack system, as well as a Dual-Band De-Esser to complete its range of modules available.

RackPack 4
RackPack 4 is a compact and portable module frame that can fit up to four SPL RackPack modules and supply them with power. The sturdy rubber feet and handle make it easy to move around, while the especially manufactured fitting system allow it to sit comfortably in a 19-inch rack.

“We came to realize that there were lots of people interested in SPL modules like the Transient Designer or the Premium Mic Preamp, but they didn’t want to go for eight modules at once,” explains SPL’s CEO Hermann Gier. “Besides, the four module frame is much more affordable and it is portable, so RackPack 4 users get three major advantages at the same time.”

Dual-Band De-Esser
SPL Dual-Band  De-Esser Back in the 1990’s, SPL developed an alternative way to process signals in order to reduce sibilance based on phase cancellation. Unlike the traditional compression methods, this processing is much more unobtrusive and simplifies control to one single parameter. SPL’s De-Esser quickly became a standard reference among recording studios, broadcast stations and live sound engineers.

The new Dual-Band De-Esser module expands on this concept by making use of two frequency bands. According to SPL, two de-esser stages increase the effectiveness of the processing without introducing any audible artifacts. At the same time, processing can be much more targeted, since the low and high bands can be used together or independently. Furthermore, input signals are automatically adjusted so the processing is uniform, regardless of the distance between source and microphone, and the Male/Female button allow it to perfectly adapt to male or female voices.

The RackPack 4 and the Dual-Band De-Esser will be displayed at Musikmesse in Frankfurt from the 24th to the 27th of March, 2010. You can find the SPL stand (B82) in Hall 5.1. 

Pricing and availability will be announced at Musikmesse.




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