Numark V7 turntable controller now shipping

Numark, the world’s leading manufacturer of DJ technology, announces that V7, its new motorized turntable software controller, is now in stores. Numark developed V7 in strategic partnership with software developer Serato.

V7 is the turntable for today’s DJ. Delivering outstanding feel and unprecedented power in a single-platter digital DJ controller, V7 is based around the acclaimed adjustable torque, motorized-platter design from Numark’s NS7. Real vinyl and a slipmat that delivers ultra-precise turntable control, effects controls, mouse-less library navigation, and Strip Search virtual-needle drop top the list of professional features that analog turntablists will love. V7’s link function enables DJs to combine one or two V7s with their favorite mixer and their Mac or PC for a completely customizable, totally seamless performance environment.

V7 is the modern DJ’s answer to CD players skipping and vinyl and needles wearing out. V7 users can take advantage of the feel they prefer and still use the mixer of their choice, while enjoying the power and flexibility of next-generation technology. Club performers will particularly appreciate V7’s ability to let one DJ plug their computer into a pair of V7s while another is performing with those units, ensuring seamless set transitions that keep the music playing without interruption all night long.

V7 contains a full compliment of effects controls, which enables DJs to access the same effects as in Numark’s NSFX. V7 includes a professional 24-bit audio interface that supports dual decks. It is outfitted with premium faders, knobs and buttons including controls for selecting tracks and blending audio effects in the included Serato ITCH software.

This motorized turntable controller employs the proven, cutting-edge control technology pioneered by Numark in NS7, in which turntable and control information is exchanged at more than ten times standard MIDI resolution. This data stream creates the rock-solid, latency-free control for which DJs worldwide have hailed NS7. Because V7’s communication is based upon MIDI, it is MIDI compatible, and therefore DJs can use it with a variety of MIDI software.

V7’s powerful, direct-drive turntable motor is derived from Numark’s popular TTX professional turntable. V7 delivers 12-inch-platter feel on a more-manageable seven-inch platter with high-torque “modern” and low-torque “classic” feel settings.

V7 is the first single-turntable Serato ITCH controller. Numark’s exclusive Strip Search virtual needle-drop control and complete effects controls for audio manipulation empower DJs’ creativity, and V7’s rugged, all-metal construction with premium knobs and buttons delivers the look and feel that professionals demand.

DJs will find that they virtually never need to touch their mouse when performing or preparing sets with V7. Extensive track-access, loop and cue controls keep the DJ’s hands and eyes away from the computer.

“V7 melds traditional vinyl feel and pristine sound quality with minimal-mouse-and-monitor software control in a rock-solid performance turntable controller,” said Chris Roman, Product Development Manager, Numark.





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