Monthly Archives: March 2010

+Drive – You got questions? Elektron has the answers!

The +Drive gives a significant boost to the Machinedrum and Monomachine storage capabilities. Everything is basically multiplied with a factor of 128. Thousands of patterns, sounds and songs can be stored internally and more or less instantly recalled. The Machinedrum SPS1-UW+ MKII can now host over 6000 samples. The Monomachine SFX-60+ MKII can be loaded with more than 8000 user waveforms.

New Midi-Triggered Loop Sampler from de la Mancha

loophole is a midi-triggered loop sampler, which allows you play sections of up to 4 different loops using midi notes to control which section of which loop plays. This can be a great way to mash up 4 different loop styles or add quick variations on 4 similar loops. As well as having full control of which sections to play, you can also trigger random sections too (well this is a de la Mancha plugin!).

Line6 Podfarm updated to version 2.0

Line 6, the industry leader in modeling technology for music-creation products, released POD Farm™ 2 and POD Farm™ 2 Platinum software plug-ins. The pair of AU/RTAS®/VST® plug-ins builds upon the foundations set by their predecessors to deliver extensive model counts, a simple yet powerful workflow and world-renowned POD® tone for any digital audio workstation.

Wusikstation gets to the next level – Version 6

Wusik has released version 6.0 of Wusik Station. The new installer now comes with all previous Wusik Sound Magazine sounds, all converted to the new WusikSND 16-bit compressed file format, which loads up faster and takes less space. All organized and in a much easier way to install. A total of 15 GB of Sounds, compressed into a 7.5 GB installer.

Feeltune Rhizome demonstration – Gearjunkies Video

Feeltune Rhizome demonstration – Gearjunkies Video

Before the Messe we made our own list of products we definately wanted to see and feel. One of those new (announced) products was the Feeltune Rhizome. It is like a hardware DAW. All the stuff you need to make music in a box, so to speak. Easy to use like a groove machine, powerful like the latest computer technology, and empowered by the versatility of plugins. The Rhizome is the only box combining samplers, mixing desk, sequencers and synthesizers, totally open and compatible with VSTs.

A Dyna-mite plugin from Softube

Squash drums, get a snappy baseline, enhance track dynamics, duck, gate, key or de-ess – the Valley People Dyna-mite is a swiss army knife limiter/expander design with unique character that inspires to new sounds! The Valley People Dyna-mite was designed in the 80’s and has become a secret weapon for some. For others, it’s still a hidden treasure just waiting to be discovered. It features a limit mode, an expander mode, a gate mode, a de-esser mode and on top of that, two sidechain modes that let you duck or follow a track. All the options breathe of the Dyna-mite’s very special vibe and flavor. This new Softube plugin is set for release on may 3.