Yellowtools Independence 2.5.3 Updates released

Version 2.5.3 of the Independence Pro Software Suite and Independence Free come with major performance and stability improvements for all platforms, operating systems and interfaces. These updates are free for all registered users and are available for download in the yellow tools User Area.

Free updates to the versions 2.5.3 of Freedom and Origami will follow in the first week of April. Some of the new features are:
• extended automation option “no scaling”; very useful to assign several parameters to the same Custom Knob (volume, Panorama and Reverb Wet, for example)
• 2 additional Key Switch modes: “next note” and “hold” for intuitive live performances
• new “Repetition Key” mode: the last played note gets repeated automatically (hot key)
• user interfaces of ENGINE powered products can get activated on the Independence Quick Edit page

The updates to the Independence Pro 2.5.3 Software Suite and Independence Free are recommended to all users. If you did not yet update your product to the Software Suite take a look at the special update offers!

Beside the Independence updates also the innovative Best Service Sample Player “Engine” was updated to version 1.0.3. Beside major stability and performance improvements for all operating systems, platforms and interfaces this update also contains the same new features as Independence. This update is recommended to all users of Engine powered products (Titan & Miroslav Vitous String Ensemble) and is available as free download in the yellow tools User Area. There are also many new and inspiring Engine Powered Products coming very soon.

The next 10th anniversary special starts today: until April 15th you will get 30% discount for any yellow tools product you purchase in the yellow tools Online Shop!* But you will get even more: Additionally you will get a full version of “Origami” FOR FREE with any purchase!

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