PreSonus Studio One 1.5 update now available

The recently announced 1.5. update for the Studio One DAW software is now available according to Presonus. , along with three new content expansions: Studio One Expansion (hundreds of new presets and fx chains), Studio One Piano (an improved piano for Presence) and Synth Session (150+ sampled synth sounds for Presence).

Top Ten Studio One v1.5 Features:

  • Integrated Video Playback via Quicktime.
  • SoundCloud integration for instant uploading of songs to web sites, FaceBook, etc. without exiting Studio One.
  • Key Command Editor – Easily create custom key command maps.
  • 64-bit Vista/7 and Snow Leopard operation.
  • Improved Automation Editing with Draw Figures (Line, Parabola, Square, Triangle, Saw, Sine) and manipulate with unique Transform tool.
  • Drag to Browser functionality – The Browser is now a ‘two-way street’, drag inserts to store presets/fx chains, drag audio events to bounce files to a location, drag instrument parts to bounce MIDI files to a location.
  • New Plug-ins, Content, and existing Effect and Instrument Improvements:
    • Impact now has multiple velocity layers.
    • Presence now has Multi-FX Section.
    • New Scope and Level Meter plug-ins.
    • Pipeline has a unique integrated scope to calibrate signal path latency.
    • Automatable Bypass for insert effects.
    • Tons of new presets for built-in effects.
    • Over 2GB new content for all users.
  • Export Stems – Easily bounce any combination of Audio/Instrument Tracks, Buses, or FX channels.
  • Editing Improvements across the board such as unlimited Undo History (even after you’ve saved), Event position constrain when dragging between tracks, New Split at Cursor command, new musical functions, etc.
  • Support for Apple Loops (CAF files, OSX only) & REX file.

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