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GForce Imposcar2 hardware controller – part 2

A few months ago we brought you a story about the GForce Imposcar2 hardware controller that Mario Jurisch had built for GForce. Back then there were no plans for a production run. It would stay a ‘one off’ project. Mario, however, decided the built another controller just for himself. And this controller has reached near completion. Was the first version just a controller, Mario’s personal version has a keyboard section.

Ultimate Sonalksis Plugin Bundle available

The new Studio One bundle is the ultimate plugin bundle for tracking, mixing, post production and mastering. It includes ALL the Sonalksis plugins at a new great price, costing 33% less than previously! What’s more, to celebrate the launch of the Studio One bundle (and the new website), Sonalksis is offering an EXTRA discount coupon on all purchases made before 13th June. To redeem your discount just enter the coupon code JUNE33 into our online store.*

AdrenaLinn Sync Plug-In Version 2

AdrenaLinn Sync is a software plug-in from Roger Linn Design that provides the same unique beat-synced filter modulation and sequencing effects of our AdrenaLinn III guitar pedal, plus quite a bit more. Though intended for guitar, it adds fascinating tonal effects to any instrument or processed audio. First released in October of 2009, we listened to your feedback and are now releasing AdrenaLinn Sync Version 2, a dramatic improvement over the original. And it’s free to all purchasers of the original version.

Reason 5 Record 1.5. – The Whole Story

Propellerhead Software today announced it has started beta testing for Reason 5 and Record 1.5. This is the company’s biggest overhaul to its Record – Reason application family so far, introducing new instruments, effects, sequencing and more for composing, beatmaking, loop-mangling, vocal treatment, songwriting and music production.

Novation about to change the game!

After the Big Tease from Propellerheads this week, Novation steps up to the plate and is starting their own Big Tease. And about the looks of it, it will be quite interesting. Will Novation step into the DJ market with a DJ controller? The teaser image below is from the Novation website. The mixer used in the picture is from Rane so that gives a hint directed to the DJ market. And that’s about all we can tell you. Like the countdown says … we have to wait for a week untill we get the details this BIG news!

Reason 5 Record 1.5. – Live Sampling

Reason 5 Record 1.5. – Live Sampling

Remember the time when samples were something you sampled and not loaded from your hard drive? When a sampler was a machine that could record samples, not just play them back. As samplers became software instead of machines, they came to rely on external sample editing software for recording and editing the samples and the art of spur-of-the-moment creative sampling was pretty much lost. Now we are bringing it back to Reason 5 with its live sampling input.

More Waves Webinars – Neil Citron and Paul David Hager

Join Waves for three exciting new webinars, with Waves Artists Neil Citron, and Paul David Hager! Neil Citron has brought his much sought-after talents as a producer, recording/mixing engineer, and guitarist to projects ranging from hit movies like That Thing You Do and My Big Fat Greek Wedding to virtuosos such as Steve Vai and Greg Bissonette. In this webinar, Neil will discuss the virtues of Waves GTR, and show you how to get the most out of your guitar tone. 

Reason 5 Record 1.5. – Neptune

Reason 5 Record 1.5. – Neptune

Getting a vocal performance right means so much more than hitting the right notes at the right time. Sometimes you get that almost perfect performance with perfect feel and presence, but the singer might have missed a few notes. That’s when Neptune can save the day. Neptune is an advanced pitch adjuster, audio transposer and voice synth for Record 1.5.

Modartt releases PIANOTEQ PLAY

Modartt releases PIANOTEQ PLAY, developed for musicians who want the convenience of a selection of beautiful instruments for an immediate playing session. PIANOTEQ PLAY is a virtual piano based on the powerful physically modelled Pianoteq software instrument, appraised by many musicians for its close intimacy and responsiveness.