Control your VSTi with your hands – AirPiano

The airpiano is a new musical interface which allows playing and controlling software instruments simply by moving hands in the air. The airpiano introduces a magical user experience, a cool performance element and an experimental instrument to explore.

So how does it work? The airpiano’s array of sensors create a virtual matrix of keys and faders in the air above it. Each of the eight sensors can provide 3 keys or alternatively one vertical control fader. LED feedback confirms user actions and assures easy interaction and control. A custom software allows creative MIDI mapping as well as the assignment of Open Sound Control (OSC) messages.

The first airpiano prototype introduced the innovative concept around two years ago and since then the airpiano has been further developed and greatly improved.

Award winning musician Jo Hamilton was the first to get her hands on an airpiano prototype. She practices and explores the instrument, plays it live and supports the development of the airpiano by reporting on her experiences playing it.

So where can you get one? Expect a brand new design with new features in a product that will soon be available. Feel free to contact Designer Omer Yosha and he will update you as soon as the first airpianos will be ready for sale.





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