Denon upgrades DN-S3700 for Ultimate DJ Software Control

Denon DJ has announced a major performance enhancement to its market leading DN-S3700 direct drive digital media turntable. The firmware upgrade, to both new and existing units, implements MIDI Hybrid mode, enabling the DN-S3700 to also fully control DJ computer software, like Serato(TM) Scratch Live, from its control surface, including its unique 9″ direct drive vinyl control platter.

Denon’s unique 9″ direct drive real vinyl control platter (complete with replaceable slipmap) is coupled with a proprietary High Torque Direct Drive Motor design. The DN-S3700 platter brings unparalleled turntable simulation to CD, sound files and software control; the ultra high-resolution pulse sensor mechanism accurately reproduces the subtlest and swiftest scratching movements possible with the human hand. As a CD and USB media player – and now a powerful DJ software controller – everything about the DN-S3700 is leading edge.


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