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OS 4.5.3 For Access Virus TI series Available Now

After a series of public beta versions, Access Music released a final build of OS 4.5 which can be downloaded free of charge from the Access Music website. OS4.5 focuses on additional vintage effect emulations and additions to the modulation matrix.

Access releases new Virus OS v.4.5.

Access releases new Virus OS v.4.5.

Access Music released a public beta version of OS 4.5 for the entire Virus TI series including the Virus TI Snow. TIOS 4.5 brings several new types of chorus effect to the Virus TI series, ranging from faithful models of renowned vintage chorus and tremolo effects, to the brand new Hyper Chorus. It also adds a authentic rotary speaker simulation and several new mod matrix sources have been implemented.

Access unveils new Virus TI OS 4.5 at the NAMM

The video below is a little preview to one of the new things Access will present at the NAMM show in 2011. They will show a preview version of the forth coming OS 4.5 for the entire Virus TI series.

Access releases Free new signature sound set by Ben Crosland

German synthesizer company Access Music released a free signature sound set by sound design wizard Ben Crosland. The Virus TI sound set focuses on contemporary electronic sounds from Electro to Dubstep and Commodore Sid to Ambient. Registered Virus TI owners can download the set free of charge from the Access Music website.

Access announces Limited Edition WhiteOut Virus TI

Access just announced a Limited Edition of their Virus TI. The Virus TI Keyboard is the second part of the Virus TI WhiteOut limited edition. Only 150 units have been produced and all feature a laser engraved serial number plate on the bottom of the instrument. The technical specifications are identical to the Virus TI Keyboard 2009, the color scheme of the housing does differ as you can see.

Access Music release Virus TI OS4

Access Music released the highly anticipated version 4 of the Virus TI operating system. The new version adds stomp box distortions, comb and vowel filters as well as a speaker simulation and an extended arpeggiator. Every registered Virus TI user can download the public beta version free of charge from

Access Virus TI OS 4 announced

Access Music, the company behind the award winning Virus TI series of hardware synthesizers presents OS4 for the entire Virus TI series on the NAMM Show 2010 in Anaheim, California. The new update adds exiting and innovative new sound design features and will be available free of charge to all Virus TI users.

Access Virus Sneak Preview NAMM 2010

This is a audio preview of a future Virus TI operating system. All patches were specifically designed to illustrate new features to be announced on the NAMM show 2010. Access Music only used single sounds and no additional effects.

Access TIOS has been released

Access is happy to announce the availability of OS for the entire Virus TI range of synthesizers. The new version is based on the recent public beta builds and focuses on stability enhancements. Access recommend every user to update their Virus TI synthesizers. The software update itself as well as a detailed list of changes and additions can be found within the download section.

Access Virus TI Software 2.7.5 released

Access Music has announced that it has updated the Virus TI Software to v2.7.5. This version of the software includes numerous refinements and supersedes all previous versions. The update is compatible with Virus TI Desktop, Virus TI Keyboard, Virus TI Polar and Virus TI Snow.

OS 2.7.3 for Virus TI is available for download

Access Music GmbH, the company behind the award winning Virus TI synthesizer series released OS 2.7 after an extensive public beta test. The new version, which is compatible with the entire Virus TI range including the Virus TI Snow, is a landmark in Access history of free feature OS updates.

Access Virus TI OS 2.5 Beta is available

OS 2.5 for Virus TI features a RTAS version of Virus Control for Digidesign Protools M-Powerered, LE and TDM users, optimisations for Imageline FL Studio 7 among other new features.

Access Virus TI OS 2.0.2 is available

Access Virus TI OS 2.0.2 is available

TIOS 2.0.2 is a maintenance release for OS 2.0 which every Virus TI user is recommended to install. The new version mostly fixes issues introduced with version 2.0.