Access Virus TI Software Suite 2.03 available

A new version of Virus TI Software Suite 2.03 is available for download.

TIOS 2.0.3 features:
Among other enhancements, the new version adds tutorial videos and a new Help function from within the Virus Control AU/VST plug-in. The videos illustrate how best to integrate Virus Control with Apple Logic and Ableton Live. In addition, tutorial Videos on how to install and use Virus Control have been included.

Richard Devine Signature Set:
Renowned Warp Recordsartist Richard Devine has provided an unreal signature set for Virus TI users which makes exclusive use of the new Grain Table and Formant Oscillators.
Being the first 128 patches set entirely created using the new oscillators introduced with version 2.0, it takes the Virus TI into formally unknown sonic territory and is highly recommended for download, especially if you don’t need another trance lead sound 😉

New user patch libraries:
Andi Vax and Terran Westbook AKA. SurfaceX released new Virus sound sets both targeting rather dance music oriented artists. Andi Vax’s Synsun patch collection is an excellent source for Progressive Trance whereas SurfaceX’s Full Force set rather caters towards the Intelligent Dance Music and Industrial musicians.

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