Access Virus TI Software 2.7.5 released

Access Music has announced that it has updated the Virus TI Software to v2.7.5. This version of the software includes numerous refinements and supersedes all previous versions. The update is compatible with Virus TI Desktop, Virus TI Keyboard, Virus TI Polar and Virus TI Snow.

* SE: Stuck notes when switching from single to multi mode while playing (fixed).
* DR: (Mac) Suspend kills Virus Control connected (fixed).
* SE: Input was mono on odd parts in multi mode (fixed).
* IN: Vocoder and input patch examples added to default patch set midi files.
* VC: Crash in Protools when TI is switched off (fixed).
* VC: Visual warning when USB packages arrive to late at hardware.
* HI: Stuck notes when using TIK/Polar/Snow MIDI Out (fixed).
* VC: ProTools: multiple parameter changes when tweaking e.g. Pan in partbar (fixed).
* VC: Snow plugin showed parameters for 16 parts instead of 4 (fixed).
* SE: Clicks on stop of sequencer while dist. is on rectifier or hi/low pass (fixed).
* VC: Section Locking did not lock LFO Clock and Rate (fixed).
* DR: Improved behaviour and performance with 64 samples on Mac.
* VC: improved warning message on I/O configuration problems.
* HI: “Interpolation” shows up as a wavetable oscillator parameter.
* VC: Polski language in OS X made Logic crash when instantiating VC (fixed).


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