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DIVA – A very limited edition of genoQs Octopus

It has been five short years since the launch of the magnificent Octopus and the start of genoQs Machines. What a story – and what better time to set another mark in the ground with an extraordinary machine: Octopus “Diva”.

Happy Halloween from genoQs Machines

genoQs Machines announced a special ‘Halloween’ edition of their midi sequencer Octopus, called the Octopus Vampire limited edition.

genoQs Machines present OS v1.60 for Octopus and Nemo

Just as Octoberfest, OS 1.60 for Octopus and Nemo celebrate the harvest of the past months hard but joyous work! The new OS pushes both our machines to where no machine has ever gone before.

genoQs releases special edition of Octopus

The Octopus BlackSea special edition does not only look uniquely exciting. It also brings the brand new OS 1.40. Octopus is a MIDI sequencer, simply put, a machine to generate control data for sound-producing devices, e.g. synthesizers. Octopus’ most outstanding trait is probably its recognition by an authoritative audience as a musical instrument. The merit lies in the fact that comparable products are traditionally perceived as ‘just’ intricate electronic devices.

genoQs Machines release Octopus OS v1.00

genoQs Machines have made OS v1.00 available for download. It took longer than expected, and it features a whole lot more than expected! For those of you who do not know what the Octopus is? It is a high end Midi Control Sequencer.

Genoqs designed a new style MIDI Sequencer

Genoqs designed a new style MIDI Sequencer

Instrumental MIDI Sequencer designed to transpose prototypical features
of traditional musical instruments to the realm of electronic music.