genoQs Machines release Octopus OS v1.00

genoQs Machines have made OS v1.00 available for download. It took longer than expected, and it features a whole lot more than expected! For those of you who do not know what the Octopus is? It is a high end Midi Control Sequencer.

According to the genoQs press statement:
“…more than a year ago we were proud to announce the general availability of what was to become quickly a quite desirable piece of gear, says the continuous feedback we get about the Octopus.

Needless to say, we are not only proud, but deeply satisfied to see that what has started as a labour of love and passion has found greatest appreciation by users and users-to-become alike, many of whom we knew and respected highly long before they knew about us.

The feedback, ideas, thoughts and commitment that we have seen in return have helped build a machine that today we are ready, proud and thankful to present to you. We are ready to launch Octopus OS v1.00

This is a key moment in the life of Octopus, and one much anticipated, by many, and for many reasons. Once again, our sincerest thanks go to all who have contributed to the effort that went into creating Octopus what it is today – we leave the description out but would explicitly like to get your feedback on what you feel that Octopus is to you!”

For a complete list of new features, evolved functionality, and for minor changes, click here.

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