genoQs releases special edition of Octopus

The Octopus BlackSea special edition does not only look uniquely exciting. It also brings the brand new OS 1.40. Octopus is a MIDI sequencer, simply put, a machine to generate control data for sound-producing devices, e.g. synthesizers. Octopus’ most outstanding trait is probably its recognition by an authoritative audience as a musical instrument. The merit lies in the fact that comparable products are traditionally perceived as ‘just’ intricate electronic devices.

Pre-installed on all BlackSea, and of course installable on all Octopus machines, OS 1.40 adds several features with focus on live play.

Some of the new features:
– Step Length multiplier, to have steps play up to 8 full notes at normal track speed
– Increased resolution of the MIDI CC stream, with CC messages sent in-between steps
– Page EDIT mode – a toy in itself
– Step selection stores, to quickly switch between groups of selected steps
– Step selection inverse editing – you just have to try this

More info on Octopus BlackSea

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