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IK Multimedia ARC System TDM available now

IK is proud to announce the availability of the new ARC System TDM for Pro Tools HD Accel. Together with ARC Native, it is the first and only acoustic correction system in a plug-in. Finally you can “take your room out of the mix,” removing the acoustical problems created by untreated rooms, or perfecting even the most professionally treated studio.

IK Multimedia announces ARC System TDM version

IK Multimedia is pleased to announce that ARC System is now available as a TDM plug-in for use within Digidesign’s Pro Tools|HD Accel DAW platform. Now, Pro Tools owners with these systems can mix and master in a monitoring environment that is acoustically correct, and with zero latency, also allowing for tracking in the same corrected environment.

IK Multimedia announces ARC System 1.1 software update

IK Multimedia is proud to announce the availability of the new ARC System 1.1 software update, bringing new
features and functionality to provide the highest level of acoustic correction and sonic accuracy for your monitoring environment.

Master Your Room Promotion announced by IK Multimedia

From September 1st until October 31st, 2008 IK Multimedia makes it easier than ever to mix and master hit songs: every customer purchasing this revolutionary acoustic room correction system plug-in ARC System (full or crossgrade), will receive a copy of their classic mastering plug-in suite, T-RackS for FREE as a download!

ARC System from IK Multimedia is now shipping

ARC System is the first room correction system in a plug-in for DAW-based studios. ARC System (Advanced Room Correction System) is a combination of a professional calibrated measurement microphone, a measuring software and a multi-platform plug-in that can be integrated with any DAW-based studio, capable of correcting the distortion caused by room acoustics and able to improve how a studio will sound forever.