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Roland releases V-Synth GT Version 2.0

V-Synth GT System Program Version 2.0 is now available. One year after its triumphant debut, the world’s most expressive synthesizer evolves with a Version 2.0 software update. Features include a recharged cutting-edge sound set, dozens of newly enhanced effects, an Import Files feature, an enhanced user interface, and more. These new features strongly support sound design and live performance. Version 2.0 is available to all V-Synth® GT owners via free download.

Roland posts more videos online on the V-Synth

Roland has posted several videos on the V-Synth online to give us more info and details on this amazing machine. Roland’s original V-Synth set a new standard in expressive synthesis and sound design. It won awards and acclaim around the world, as it forever changed the way sounds were created and performed. But just when you thought V-Synth technology had reached its peak, Roland raised the bar even higher with the new flagship V-Synth GT!

Roland UK premieres V-SYNTH GT

Roland UK premieres V-SYNTH GT

Jordan Rudess of Dream Theatre is collaborating with Rod Morganstein, the legendary Dixie Dregs drummer, to perform live on stage at Sound Control, Oxford Street, London on Monday April 2nd at 6:30pm, using Rolands revolutionary new V-Synth GT and the latest in V-Drum technology.