Roland V-Synth GT FREE Sounds

Continuing its commitment to worldwide customer support, Roland is pleased to announce a new patch download for its flagship synthesizer, the V-Synth GT.

“This new download contains hundreds of the most in-demand, classic analog sounds,” says Vince LaDuca, Product Manager. “The download has been assembled as a GT project, so it’s easy to load, and the patches are mapped to the V-Synth GT’s real-time controls, including the signature time-trip pad. Users can add these patches to their existing GT projects with the GT’s librarian software. We’ve also added new filter banks, so users can stream audio via the GT’s analog, digital or USB audio inputs, and then use its array of COSM filters and effects to tweak and mangle sound.”

The download adds a synth museum’s worth of sounds to the V-Synth GT, with over 450 recreations of classic analog synthesizers from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s plus a host of classic Juno, Jupiter, SH, 303 and D-50 sounds. There are also new filter bank patches specifically designed to control external audio sources.

All patches were designed using the V-Synth GT’s powerful analog modeling technology.

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