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Sugar Bytes Artillery 2.2 released

The leading VST/AU Action Effect Artillery is now available in version 2.2. The unbeatable original now comes with more refinements and a new MidiMessage modulator. Why use a finger when you can put a hand on it!

Sugar Bytes Artillery 2.1 update released

With 4 new effects and many improvements, Artillery2 still represents the benchmark for innovative effects. 32 different effects can be stacked, modulated and triggered without limitations. Artillery2 is your first choice for looping, scratching and mashing up your live gigs, as well as for expensive sound clouds in the ProstPro Studio.

SugarBytes updates three products

Sugar Bytes has recently released three updates for their plugins. Effectrix 1.1.0, Artillery 2.0.4 and Unique 1.0.3.

Sugar Bytes updates Artillery to version 2.0.2.

Sugar Bytes has updated Artillery to version 2.0.2. The Artillery Effect Keyboard comes with 28 innovative effects and incredible possibilities. The concept is simple but effective: Effects are assigned to keyzones and triggered with MIDI notes. That way you can perform incredible Effect sequences, or put effects in certain places, live or in studio.

Artillery2 from Sugar Bytes released

Sugar Bytes has released Artillery2, the second generation of the versatile Effect Keyboard plug-in.

Sugar Bytes announces Artillery 2

Sugar Bytes FX Flagship Artillery enters round 2. Now ready for IntelMac, PPC and Windows.
Still effects are handled via midi notes and now it comes with a lot of new features.