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New Tonium Pacemaker video tutorials posted

Pacemaker is a revolutionizing music player and mixer with all the features you need to deejay anywhere, anytime. Instead of simply listening to your music, you can now completely interact with it and the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. Tonium has posted several new tutorials on this handheld machine!

Tonium reveals the Next Generation Pacemaker

Tonium has just officially revealed the Next Generation Pacemaker! The product is presented on the new website and has just been sneak-pre-released on YouTube.

Embedded player and MySpace widget for Tonium Pacemaker

Tonium announced a new feature to the Pacemaker Community and a new MySpace application that allow DJs to easily embed their mixes on their own blog, website or MySpace page.

Tonium Pacemaker DJMags Most Innovative New Product

Tonium, the Swedish tech company behind the Pacemaker, the world’s first pocket-sized DJ system, is proud to announce the Pacemaker has been awarded DJMag’s “Most Innovative New Product” during the Music Tech Awards 2008. Considered by many to be the biggest DJ technololgy awards in Europe, Tonium and other Music Tech Award winners will appear in December’s issue of DJmag.

Tonium announces Pacemaker music community

Tonium, the Swedish tech company behind Pacemaker, the pocket-sized DJ system, has announced the launch of the Pacemaker music community. Hosted on, the Pacemaker music community allows members to upload and legally share the mixes of their music, created by them using a Pacemaker or the free Pacemaker Editor software. The Pacemaker music community is the next step in the evolution in social networking.

Tonium Pacemaker in da house

Tonium, the developer of the first Pocket-Sized DJ System, posted this video on YouTube, showing us that the first products arrived at their offices and (probably) ready for shipping. Yep, they are getting there!

Pacemaker ready for pre-order

Last year The Pacemaker was introduced to us as the ‘First professional Pocket-size DJ-System’. And then …. it got quiet. But now they are back in full effect and have set a final release date. have opened the pre-booking. By pre-booking a place in line to a premiere edition Pacemaker will be guaranteed. Also by pre-booking, you’ll be on the list of pilot beta testers of the computer client (editor software) and web community for sharing mixes.

Tonium announces new portable DJ system

Who thought it would be possible to shrink a professional DJ system to a size no larger than a peanut butter jelly sandwich? Well, Tonium proofed it is possible! Pacemaker is the worlds first pocket-size DJ system!