Embedded player and MySpace widget for Tonium Pacemaker

Tonium announced a new feature to the Pacemaker Community and a new MySpace application that allow DJs to easily embed their mixes on their own blog, website or MySpace page.

Hosted on www.Pacemaker.net, the newly developed “Embed” button gives the code necessary to embed a mix on the user’s website or personal blog. Simply click the button, copy the HTML code, paste the code into your website/blog’s layout editor and the mix is ready to share. Tonium has also created a MySpace application that enables users to add their favorite mixes to their MySpace profile. The new Pacemaker application can be acquired at the MySpace Apps Gallery on MySpace.com

“While the Pacemaker Community was designed to be a centralized point where Pacemaker users can share their mixes, we understand the need to spread your music across all platforms on the web,” said Ola Sars, Tonium’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “These days, your audience is always moving and you need as many tools as possible to reach them.”




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