Tonium announces Pacemaker music community

Tonium, the Swedish tech company behind Pacemaker, the pocket-sized DJ system, has announced the launch of the Pacemaker music community. Hosted on, the Pacemaker music community allows members to upload and legally share the mixes of their music, created by them using a Pacemaker or the free Pacemaker Editor software. The Pacemaker music community is the next step in the evolution in social networking.

Thanks to a unique licensing agreement with music rights societies, STIM ( and IFPI (, Tonium is the only company in the world to be allowed to legally stream any music uploaded to the Pacemaker music community by users. This allows a unique creativity and freedom of expression that can be shared between members across the world.

The Pacemaker music community represents a new generation of music-driven social networking. Members can create their own profile, make friends with other members, listen to each other’s mixes (saving their favorites within their profile), join fan clubs, post bulletins and leave comments for each other. With plans to extend the social element further in the near future, the Pacemaker music community is social networking based on positivity, creativity and passion, reflecting the ethos of Tonium.

The concept behind Pacemaker and the Pacemaker music community is to give everyone the ability to interact with their music and share it with anyone who wants to listen – where music fans can share their musical tastes with the world and also find new music and influences – with just the right people in just the right place.

Tonium has made this ability to express yourself through your music available to everyone, not just those who own a Pacemaker. They have created the Pacemaker Editor; a free, downloadable PC and MAC compatible application that allows you to play music, edit and create mixes.

You have complete freedom to be as forward thinking as you like with your music. Create a mix that reflects your mood, call it what you like and publish it to the listening world. Then sit back and wait for your music to connect with other music lovers everywhere. The Pacemaker music community allows for music interaction like never before.

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