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Voxengo updates!

Voxengo recently updated several plugins from their product range. Version 1.2 of Crunchessor, Pristine Space VST 1.5, Vintage Modulator 1.3 and Soniformer VST 2.4. All updates are available at the Voxengo website.

Voxengo updates several plug ins!

Voxengo recently released several updates for the following plug ins: Transmodder, GlissEQ, HarmoniEQ and Vintage Modular.

Voxengo releases Vintage Modulator

Voxengo releases Vintage Modulator

Voxengo Vintage Modulator is a stereo modulation PC VST plug-in which features 8 operators (4 for each output channel) with carefully designed modulation capabilities. This allows Vintage Modulator to create huge and convincing chorus, phaser and flanger modulation effects applicable to almost any program material imaginable: vocals, guitars, synth instruments and others. Phaser effects Vintage Modulator enables you to create are simply stunning!

Another has-to-be-useful feature of Vintage Modulator is its ‘through time zero’ design which allows you to run modulation signal ahead of the dry unmodulated signal. This in turn allows you to get various unusual mix combinations of dry and wet signals – ranging from comb-filtering to pre-echo effects which may sound especially creamy with pad-like synth sounds.