Voxengo updates!

Voxengo recently updated several plugins from their product range. Version 1.2 of Crunchessor, Pristine Space VST 1.5, Vintage Modulator 1.3 and Soniformer VST 2.4. All updates are available at the Voxengo website.

Version 1.2 of Crunchessor, a general-purpose track compressor in PC VST plug-in format–is now available for download. This version update implements two new features. A new “U” attack mode which offers steeper compressor attack stage, for more instant reaction, has been implemented. It is now possible to disable side-chaining completely in audio hosts which do not fully support VST v2.3 functionality (hosts which do not support 4 channels on input).

Pristine Space version 1.5 update fixes minor issues and implements minor enhancements: volume envelope readout now displays ‘dB’ instead of ‘percent’ values. Pristine Space now features “Show Chn” selector which allows you to specify which channel of the impulse response file to display. “Show Mode” selector has been implemented to allow you to choose which impulse response stage to display: originally loaded response file, or envelope-adjusted one, to evaluate adjustments made.
For your information, Pristine Space offers several very useful envelope-driven non-destructive impulse editing options, including volume, stereo width, stereo pan, low-pass and high-pass filtering, and a linear-phase equalization. You can also reverse, cut and time offset the loaded impulse file with ease, non-destructively.

Vintage Modulator 1.3 update implements a new “Delay” parameter for additional control over modulation sound. “Wet Cut” parameter has been added as well, to control high frequency content of the “wet” modulated signal.
“OpPhasing” parameter has been introduced to allow control over phase relations between modulation voices: with this parameter it is possible to switch between the “original” spatial stereo modulation sound and mono modulation sound.
Those who intend to use Vintage Modulator with their favorite synth instruments may find the new “Latency Off” switch useful. This switch disables plug-in’s “through time zero” functionality while at the same time reducing plug-in’s latency down to zero, to allow for real-time use of the plug-in.

An interesting update for Voxengo Soniformer. This update features several issue fixes and also introduces useful functionality: Ratio readout resolution has been increased by 1 decimal point; copy envelope function issue fixed; visual interface size increased. Version 2.4 offers you an alternative envelope editing mode where you can adjust parameter envelopes by means of easy knobs. This update also offers processing blocks reordering functionality.

Visit the Voxengo website for the update downloads.

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