Propellerhead announces: Teaching Music is now shipping

The much awaited new educational package “Teaching music with Reason” is now shipping. This product provides a new way of teaching music in the classroom and incorporates 21 ready made lesson plans with all the necessary background reading the teacher needs, i.e. no background of teaching music with computers or with Reason is necessary! The package also includes Student booklets for the students with lesson plans and special “How to…” guides which step by step explains what to do. The material is written in such a way that no flicking in the manual is needed and everything (even the student pages) is included in the Teacher’s resource file. This also means that it’s very easy to bring your whole music teaching plan with you wherever you go, to do lesson preparation or go through a lesson plan in advance. The resource file also includes assessment sheets for tests and grading of each student.

Specially written music ensures that the students will work with music they are used to listening to and enjoy! The included Adapted versions ensure the focus of the students providing them with a reasonable sound bank with a few sounds of each type. Having a huge sound bank would make the students look for sounds instead of doing their tasks during the lesson. The Adapted version also ensures that each song opens with only the relevant modules visible and the rest folded away for further focus from the students. All in all this package will provide teachers with a new, easy to use, fun to teach tool that will make a big difference: -Music lessons will never be the same!

In the package:

Teacher’s Resource File containing lesson preparation material, teaching plans, student worksheets, “How to…” guides and assessment sheets.
10 Printed student booklets.
Teaching Music with Reason CD with lesson material (songs, PDFs) and Reason Adapted software installers.
Reason 2.5 full version installation CDs.
Reason 2.5 manual.
Software license code envelope with licenses for Reason Adapted and Reason 2.5

Please contact your nearest reseller or the Propellerhead distributor in your country for further info about Teaching Music with Reason.

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