Celemony’s Melodyne version 2.5 now available

Celemony Software GmbH has just released Version 2.5 of the unique audio software Melodyne. With this update, Melodyne now supports the Digidesign RTAS plug-in interface (among many others) and includes the new Melody Manager, which allows you to work spontaneously and productively with phrases and melodies from the Melodyne library.

RTAS integration allows Melodyne to operate efficiently and simply within the Pro Tools production environment. This gives Pro Tools users with Melodyne the perfect tool for pitch and timing correction, the formation of harmonies and the radical reshaping of melodies.

The new Melody Manager helps with the organisation of audio files, offering auditioning functions and a variety of display options — from notes to the characteristic Melodyne blobs. What makes the Melody Manager a particularly spontaneous creative tool is the ability to drag & drop files (or parts of files) to the application, which gives you instant access to Melodyne’s unique range of functions.

Another new feature with Version 2.5 is the ability to route the internal MIDI output directly to VST instruments hosted by Melodyne. That offers possibilities hitherto undreamed of for the combination of natural and synthesized sounds. The AudioUnit, VST and ASIO software interfaces have also been improved, navigation and operation optimised, file handling made easier and many other improvements of detail undertaken — often in response to suggestions we have received from users.

All new Melodyne packages come with an improved and updated handbook and the CD ROM ‘Ueberschall Sample Preview’, which contains over 130 MB of Melodyne-ready audio material. The first class vocal licks, instrumental phrases and loops can be loaded directly using the Melody Manager.

Melodyne users and others interested can order the CD for a nominal price (designed to cover the cost of postage) from the Celemony Web Shop.

Comments Celemony CTO Carsten Gehle: “In addition to the two major new features, RTAS integration and the Melody Manager, we have optimised the program in many other areas to improve its operation, satisfy the wishes of customers and generally make Melodyne faster. That, too, will please many users.”

The update to Version 2.5 for Windows and Mac is free for registered users of Melodyne 2.x and will be available for download from the 21st June 2004 onwards from www.celemony.com

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