New Vestax Brand Güber more than guitars

While utilizing professional technology and know-how, being free, the product brand which with creative conception it was planned & was designed.
The record player, the DJ mixer, speaker system, multi directions the product which such as guitar, guitar amplifier and CD player crosses in the midst of plan development.

As for the three-dimensional symbol which has been attached to the forefront of logo graph the peanut. The front is not stipulated, with WEB it is the schedule which is turned round and round. In order to give out the strange image which does not have the clamp place it is new attempt.

Excessive specifications competition and being oneself satisfactory with that, with the user it takes a second look the essence of the product without being bound in fashion characteristic of temporariness, it designates that it becomes the detonating agent of new music cultural development as goal. Pulling, not being limited to field of music it substitutes to the consumption society which is in this blockade circumstance with the commodity development of multi directions, if you can propose suitable life style in 21st century, with you think.

Some examples of the products:

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