Vestax’s new CD player: the CDX 05

As technology has progressed dj’s have embraced new formats whilst continuing to utilise the existing, and much loved, vinyl. However, the sound of digital media is often very different from the traditional analogue sound, making the transition between formats very noticeable. The new CDX-05 features a unique vinyl filter mode, which cleverly adjusts the eq settings to give the digital sound the warmth of vinyl. Now mixing between cd (mp3) tracks and vinyl tracks is even easier.

The CDX-05 also has an amazing array of features designed for dj use. Total pitch adjustment, up to +/- 100%, allows any tracks and styles to be mixed, and with a high quality master tempo function the sound quality does not deteriorate, even at the pitch extremes. MP3 data can be read as can cd-rw, discs for convenient use of home made recordings. Seamless loops can be created, with a separate 8-second sampler and multiple beatsyncable effects, mixes can be made even more exciting and creative than ever. The added inclusion of the TT® accessory socket will also allow dj’s to control the basic cd functions via any turntable simply by adding the Tascam accessory wheel.

A release date is not know at this time.

The estimated price will be around € 540.00 incl. VAT

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