Arturia upgrades the Moog Modular to version 2.0

This new version of the award-winning recreation of the legendary Moog Modular Systems brings a whole lot of new features and improvements; and best of all, it’s a free upgrade for registered users!

New ergonomics:
* One unique scrollable view to overlook the entire synth.
* Some of the modules are now interchangeable, allowing to configure – to a certain extent – the Modular the desired way.

New audio possibilities:
* Improvements on the oscillators (new free running), on the filters (better response to modulations), on the envelopes (faster and even closer to true analogical behaviour).
* New Unison mode
* New Audio-In possibilities
* The Soft-clipping emulation is now done on each mixer and not systematically on all of them, which saves on CPU load.

New modules:
* 1630 Bode Frequency Shifter. Developed under the Moog license by Harold Bode in 1964, it is extremely rare (a dozen Worldwide).
* 928 Sample and hold is also very rare. Originally assembled in a separate cabinet, it was adapted on the last modular series, in the late 70’s.
* 912 Envelope follower (or Schmit Trigger). One of the most popular modules on the Moog systems, it was often added to original configuration to create complex modulation through the use of an output signal.
* 12 stage phaser. The Moog 12 Stage Phaser was very well known, and originally conceived as an external rack to the Modular systems.
* Formant Filter. A new module developed by Arturia, which did not exist on the original Moog systems. It allows the filtering of sounds according to the formants a, e, i, o, u.
Ring Modulator. Also a new module developed by Arturia, it creates very metallic sounds.

New presets:
* 200 new presets to provide optimal use of the new modules.

This upgrade is free to all registered users.

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