Denon extended dual CD player family with the new DN-D6000

Denon have extended their family of Dual CD/MP3 players with the release of the rack-mount DN-D6000.

This highly-specified device boasts an amazing MP3 featureset and ‘Next Track Reserve’ function. This not only makes it ideal for clubs, but the provision of the ‘Unattended Playback on Power-Up’ feature makes it equally suitable for bars and restaurants.

The MP3 playback mode fully supports MP3 seamless looping, scratching, hot starts and MP3 effects; CBR & VBR (constant or variable bit rate) encoding up to 320 kbps; ID3 Tags (files embedded into the MP3 which displays Title, Artist, Album), and MP3 File Search System (offering fast and easy file location by name).

The DN-D6000 also includes the Next Track Reserve function, piloted by Denon. The company rationalises that storing hundreds of MP3s on one disc is fine — but what if the DJ wants to play other files from the same disc, back-to-back? This innovative function allows the operator to search for a song by name and crossfade seamlessly to that file for a smooth non-stop mix. The crossfade time is user-adjustable, and this facility is also available for CD audio discs.

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