NI updates Kompakt sampler to v1.0.3.

After Reaktor and Reaktor Sessions (earlier this month) NI is updating it’s sampler Kompakt (and Kompakt in the Komplete 2 bundle) to version 1.0.3.


– DFD performance has been vastly improved.

– The latest Kompakt update contains a new button in the options menu: “Lock Memory (No Swap)”. After running the updater, this option will be DISABLED by default, which should result in faster loading times for some users. If you experience clicks during playback, simply enable the option by clicking the button. Most users should experience improved performance with this option enabled, but patches will load more slowly.


– Pressing group edit button crashes Pro Tools.

– Poor performance (RTAS).

– DFD not available in RTAS / HTDM plug-in.

– Error on exiting Nuendo or Cubase SX.

– Crash in Sonar 3 while playing midi-keyboard and resetting the instrument.

– Enable reverb while playback in host crashes engine.

– Selection list for delay in sync mode.

– Crash when re-activating plug-in.

– Sustain pedal settings are not stored in memory.

– Crash when switching DFD off

– Crash when in group mode and loading a new patch.

– Crash in NI_DFD during multi-instance playback.

– Whole instrument turns off when switching DFD off.

– Distortion after letting Kompakt run for a few hours.

– VST version crashes Cakewalk Project5 on insertion.

Registered users can download the update at the Native Instruments website:

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