STL releases version 2.0 of the VAZ 2010

STL have released VAZ 2010 v2.0. A new demo version with a set of patches demonstrating the new features is available for download.

New Features:

– Next generation synthesis engine with higher quality oscillator and filter algorithms.

– Mixer inputs are all selectable for more flexibility.

– New filter algorithms: Type K and R modelling filters with self-oscillation, Comb Filter with a total of 8 new modes.

– Pan Modulation added to the Amplifier for stereo effects.

– LFOs 1 and 2 can sync to tempo and each have a selection of 8 waveforms.

– LFO 2 now has Rate Modulation.

– Envelope 2 has a modulation input which can control any combination of the Attack, Decay and Release times.

– Second Mod Amplifier added.

– Voice Number modulation signal.

– New effects: Compressor, Equalizer.

– Syncable LFOs for the Autopan, Flanger and Phaser effects.

– Import of VAZ Plus 2 patches.

– File dialogs can now be resized.

– Capture function is now available in the plugin versions.

– Global tempo for Sequencers and LFOs which can be locked to the host for the plugins.

– Sequencers have a swing function and selectable timebase.

– Sequencers can be triggered from MIDI (phrase playback) and work with the Arpeggiator to create rhythmic patterns.

– VSTi plugins can be hosted, receive MIDI on a selectable channel and can lock to the global tempo.

(Existing VAZ 2010 customers can upgrade via the VAZ 2010 v1 support area)

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