Sony presents long awaited Acid 5.0

ACID Music Studio 5 software is an award-winning loop-based music creation program that that lets you create songs instantly from pre-recorded loops. If you want to make your own music or remixes, add soundtracks to videos, or burn your own songs onto CD, ACID Music Studio 5 software is all you need – no other software measures up.


– Includes 1,000 music loops in multiple genres including rock, pop, electronic, dance, hip-hop, and more.

– MIDI piano roll editing

– DLS software synthesizer support

– Event reverse to alter music and loops in real-time.

– Metronome for precise timing of events during record and playback.

– Disc-at-once CD burning to create continuous mixes of music without breaks, suitable for duplication.

– Chopper editing tool to select loop portions and perform loop cloning.

– Alternate time signature support to create projects in time signatures other than basic 4/4.

– Master bus track to perform project-wide volume and pan fades.

– Flash (.swf) format import

No other home music-creation program gives you more options for exporting and sharing your songs such as built-in CD burning. And only ACID Music Studio software provides one-click publishing to — the world’s premier Internet site for musicians and content developers. You can also export songs to Sony Net MD players and Sony CLIÉ handheld devices, or save your music in MP3, RealMedia, and Windows Media 9 formats.

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