New DJ Controller from Kontrol DJ

The Kontrol:Dj is a professional dj hardware controller designed especially for control dj’s applications. Kontrol:Dj allow you to mix faster and easier from his intuitive control surface. Forget the mouse and keyboard, with Kontrol:Dj you can control your entire music collection from your fingertips

The controller is compatible with Traktor Dj Studio, MixVibes, VirtualDj, BpmStudio.

Controls features:

– 8 rotary dials, 6 of them with center click ( potentiometers made by PANASONIC )

– 1 crossfader 45 mm. of travel ( potentiometer made by ECLER )

– 4 faders 60 mm. of travel ( potentiometers made by ALPS )

– 20 buttons, 14 of them high output illuminated ( switches made by MEC )

– 2 jogs dials ( encoders made by ALPS )

– 2 infi nitely variable push encoders ( push encoders made by ALPS )

– 2 levers ( paddle switches made by APEM )

The controller will be avaliable in Europe at the first quarter of 2005. The price of the controller is 340 euros ( local tax not included).

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