Ohmforce introduces Symptohm Performer Edition

Ohmforce just recently released a Performer Edition of the Symptohm:Melohman. The Sympthom has been brought lovingly into this world to open musical doors, put the passion back into music making and ensure that, above all, music is fun. If you are bored with synths, this will revive your flagging spirits. If, on the other hand, you’re a synth addict, you may want to check with your doctor in case the excitement proves too much. Whatever your state of mind, if you are a musician, you will be inspired.

Symptohm Performer Edition gives you access to the large Symptohm: Melohman library. Warm your keyboard, and choose you melohman mode.

Some Uses:

* Use any kind of sound or instrument (so long as you want it transformed)

* Live performance : spectacular response to your playing style

* In depth sequencing : pattern controlled sound driven by the Melohman keyboard

* Scare your cat

The single-license plugin is available in your favourite flavour (RTAS, AU and VST). You get both the funky and the classic skins thrown in for a mere 49.00 EUR. More info please visit our product page (link below) or www.ohmforce.com

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