Dave Smith announces keyboard version of the Poly Evolver

Dave Smith anncounes a keyboard version of the Poly Evolver.
More than a pic we do not have from this synth, but Dave Smith promissed us that he will sent us more info in January.


The keyboard has 4 voices, each a complete Evolver identical to the mono Evolver and Poly Evolver rack. If you want more voices, simply chain rack using the dedicated poly chain MIDI output. Specs are bascially the same as the Poly Evolver rack, i.e. 512 Programs, 384 Combos, etc. Of course, there’s the 78 knobs, 58 switches, blinking LFO and sequence blue LEDS, and backlit wheels that make this instrument scream “tweak me!” This ain’t no virtual synth…

The Poly Evolver keys will be present at NAMM, and hope to be shipping by April.

Price has yet to be determined, but street price should be in the lower $2000.00 !!

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