Elemental Audio Systems supports Southeast Asia Tsunami Relief

Elemental Audio Systems to sponsor 50% customer donations to Southeast Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Relief for all purchases during the month of January.

Elemental Audio Systems are deeply saddened by the recent tragedy that continues to cause immeasurable grief, pain, and suffering to millions of men, women, and children in our world. To help aid in relief efforts, Elemental Audio Systems will sponsor a 50% donation to the American Red Cross* (www.redcross.org) for each customer purchase during the month of January. This means that by simply making a purchase you are also contributing aid to the helpless victims of this tragic event.

How it works:

After completing a purchase, Elemental Audio Systems will make a donation of at least 50% of your purchase price, in your honor, to the American Red Cross. See examples below.

* Elemental Audio Systems will pay for your donation.

* You do not need to do anything else after completing your purchase to complete your donation.

* You will not pay any extra fees or a higher price on your product purchase.

* Elemental Audio Systems will absorb all costs associated with administering this program.

* A few weeks after completing your purchase you will receive a card from the American Red Cross, by post/mail, acknowledging your gift.

What to do:

Just visit the online store at www.elementalaudio.com to complete your purchase.

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